Sweater- H&M   Skirt- TJ Maxx   Sandals- Thrifted (Blowfish)   Watch- DKNY via Nordstrom Rack   Glasses- H&M

Happy Monday! I can't help but think of the Carpenters song "Rainy Days and Mondays." I actually do like rainy days....but, Mondays, oh Mondays...."always get me down."  They don't really get me super down but gosh, its hard sometimes not to dread Mondays. The beginning of our work week...
So...here's to being positive. Highlights of my day:
-Waking up early to go let the dog out and breathing in the fresh morning air.
-Pandora...I love the anticipation of what song will play next.
-Cheese quesadilla with salsa for lunch. I have been been kinda addicted lately.
-Receiving a super cute heytell message from a friend. I listened to it 5 times and smiled the same every time I listened to it.
-Feeling the warm air. Have I mentioned how much I love summer?
-Laughing and joking with a patient I work with regularly. Who says you can't be friends with people 50 years older than you!?
-Watching my dog sleeping in his cage...as I was quiet enough he didn't wake up...then his excitement as he woke up and saw I was there to "RELEASE HIM"
-Looking out the front window seeing him looking right at me literally with his puppy eyes "come hang out with meeeeeeeee..."
-Hearing the sounds of the evening outside....sooo amazing!
-My kitty following me around because she loves me. (Yeah, so I don't hang out with humans...oh well)
-More people entering the giveaway to Junieblake. It will be open until next Monday! Go enter HERE!!!
Ok....so maybe Monday's aren't so bad. Tell me some highlights from your day!!!


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