2016 Recap

Going through my phone looking at all the photos of 2016, I can't believe what a wonderful and fun year we had!!

The best year ever.

I can't believe how quickly it passed by. Here is a super fun recap of our year. A quick version. I could be here all day sharing. Haha.

Lets just start right in January....Things got pretty serious with Alan and I in the beginning of the year. So much so, Huck and I (with the help of my parents) packed up our stuff from our Salt Lake City, Utah home and moved up to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Funny, I live in Idaho almost my whole life, I move to Utah and I meet a guy who works and lives in my home town. I was obviously not meant to leave hehe.
Trip to St. George was the perfect warm getaway from cold Idaho.
Jackson Hole trip for Valentines Day!
 This was the day we got engaged. February 28th to be exact! Alan had my ring custom made and it was supposed to take a while....We didn't want to wait haha. So he proposed with a stand in ring and a month or so later we got my ring.
 He gave it to me on a date at the Sandpiper restaurant in Idaho Falls.
We were only engaged 2 months so the days leading up to it went quickly. My two best friends threw me a shower in Salt Lake and I also had one in Idaho Falls with friends and family.
It was my dream wedding. The day was perfect. April 30, 2016 in the Logan LDS temple.
We honeymooned for a whole week in Tulum, Mexico. We had a lot of fun together relaxing, drinking virgin drinks (hehe), and enjoying the beautiful country.
When we got home, it was just a joy starting our new life together as husband and wife!
Our destinations visited included:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
St. George, Utah
Lake Powell, Utah
Malad, Idaho
10 hours worth of several places in Montana including Great Falls, Butte, and Yellowstone.
Alpine, Wyoming
and allllll the road in between.

We had so many fun adventures!

We camped, hiked, fished, etc. I love that I married myself an outdoorsman.
In the fall we visited Yellowstone, dog sat 4 big dogs for a whole week and at the end of the week helped birth (mostly Alan) 8 puppies! We had beautiful weather so we did as much as we could outside still.
Alan spent a week in Louisiana fishing and I went to Salt Lake to visit friends and shop. It wasn't fun being away from him that long hehe. We hiked in Driggs, Idaho and had a fun getaway to Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Lots of nights in and Parks and Rec. hehe
Winter we've gone cross country skiing and downhill skiing.

 We spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas in Deweyville, Utah with Alans family.
New Years eve we sled on the Buckley's Hollow hill. It was a blast.

Overall we are grateful to all those who shared in these memories with us and want you to know how much we love and appreciate you.....

2017, we are ready for you.


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