Cross Country Skiing in Herriman Park

 This past weekend Alan's little sister Kristin came up from Salt Lake City and we all went to Herriman Park (Island Park, Idaho) to cross country ski! It was so beautiful and so fun! Perfect way to kick off our 2017 adventure calendar.
As you can tell by Alan's beard....It was a very cold day. But with all the work we were doing, we hardly noticed the cold.
We decided to climb the ridge up "Heart Attack Hill" and that was quite the workout. But the view proved worthy.
The downhill was quite hilarious to be honest. We all took several good falls. Being used to down hill skiing, cross country skiing is a whole other story haha.
This was only my second time cross country skiing but it certainly won't be my last. It is the perfect winter activity. We rent skis for about $15 and then just go find somewhere to ski! Herriman Park is perfect because it's all mapped out for skiiers. One of my new favorite places with some of my favorite people



  1. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather, but skiing and/or snowboarding has always been something I want to try! I love how real this experience felt to me as I went through these photos as a viewer and a reader. Thanks for sharing with us!


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