New Year New Mattress

When Alan and I were first married, we made due with my full sized mattress I had from before. It wasn't too bad but we knew that we would eventually and hopefully soon want to upgrade to something larger and newer. We ended up getting one from Lucid Mattress. Yes, it is online so we went to our local mattress store and tried out a few to see what we liked. We also noticed their hefty price tags! Anywhere from $2000-$4000!! We did some more research and decided to go with the 16" Latex foam and Memory foam mattress from Lucid. (Which might I add is under $1000!) We were delighted to see that they were located in Alan's hometown. Fun to support local business. (2 hours away I still consider pretty local hehe). We got the mattress super fast, delivered to our front door! It took a couple days to fully expand but once it did we were so so excited to sleep on it!
We have loved the mattress so far. Really comfortable and super great quality. Highly recommended.


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