Time for Night Night

My friend and neighbor, Dionne Crozier, along with her husband, wrote the cutest children's book called Time for Night Night. We obviously don't have children yet (except for our fur child hehe) but I do have a handful of items I have put away for when we do...And this book is one of them. 

This week, we have been puppy sitting my friend Gentri's dog Scout. So what better than to pull out this cute little book for my furry friends before bedtime. It was quite hilarious getting these pictures to be honest. I love these two hooligans. 
I love supporting small businesses and this is definitely one of them. Check out their book to buy HERE.

And for your enjoyment....Some out-takes below....
^Even dogs have "I'm over this" faces. Huck! hahaha
^^I cannot even stop laughing over Scout's face in this one..

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