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The winter months have definitely gotten me down in the dumps. More days at home, cuddling under a blanket. Being at home so much, I cannot stand having it be dirty. I usually do a little cleaning every day. I love seeing the shine of an empty clean sink and smelling freshly mopped floors. It makes life less stressful for sure. 
I recently came across Bona PowerPlus products and am super happy with the results of using it. The only downfall of having our dog Huck is the shedding and with the very constant wet snow, that dog smell....So I definitely try to keep that at bay with a good cleaning product and vacuuming. This is a great one to wipe away those dog prints and dirty snow stains with a fresh nice smell. The best thing of all is this can be used on any kind of surface...hardwood floors of course, and also stone, tile, and laminate floors!
They have this Microfiber Deep Cleaning Pad which also helps to doubly break up any dirt or buildup there is and makes the floors extra shiny!
Sign up HERE and you can get a $3 coupon toward your purchase!
Let me know if you have any questions. We got ours just at Bed Bath and Beyond but it's easily available in other locations as well!


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