That Friend to Someone

Today I just feel very grateful for friends. Most of my closest friends are really far from me. For this I am so thankful for technology.... Receiving a text or phone call, getting a card "just because" in the mail, hearing from a friend I haven't seen in a while, a friend who lets me call her to vent my life's frustrations because I know she's sensible and has a good listening ear, and last but not least that literal life long friend who, although miles and hours apart, watches Downton abbey with me, puts up with my long string of texts spouting my opinions of what is happening, and shows persistence on a future date for us to see each other again...I love it and has been heaven sent these past few days especially.

^^I received this "just because" post card from my dear friend Nathan. Made my smile a little brighter.

 Meet Karlee. You may see her come around every so often. She lives in Salt Lake with her husband but is in her last semesters at BYU Idaho. She has been doing online classes but needed to take a few classes on campus so she is here for this semester!! We both grew up in the same small town and had mutual friends but funny thing is.... we didn't even meet in this country! We met while on the Lord's errand in Brazil. That's where I officially fell in love with her. I haven't seen her in so long but that's the great thing about having a good friend. You can easily pick up where you left off no matter how much time has gone by. We updated one another on each of our lives over bowls of Mongolian and egg drop soup. 

I can't help but hope that I can be that friend to someone. 

So if you need me....I'm here. And I love to give love.



  1. Wow. Not many people do "just because" cards anymore - and this fact makes them that much more special. What a great friend you have.
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