What She Wears//Pop of Color Edition

What She Wears!! The first one of this new year....

January can tend to be a real drab. It's cold, we just finished up with the wonderful month of December, and did I mention it's cold? So for "what she wears" this month, we decided to add a little color to this dreary time with the theme "POP of color."

 New to our link up? Here's what we're doing. Every first Tuesday of the month we pick a theme and you get to share. We want originality and creativity. So get motivated to style a new outfit for our link up orrrrr..... link up with an old outfit. Although I would advise you to get creative and come up with something new. Just a little motivation to get out of our pajamas...hehe.  

For some fabulous inspiration, check out all the hostesses:
We will each choose our favorite next Tuesday and feature that lovely lady on our blog. So don't feel rushed, you have an ENTIRE week to come up with something.... We want everyone participating so if by chance you don't have a blog, join us on instagram by using the hashtag #whatshewears and tag me (@runstylerun) 


P.S. This is totally off the subject but did you notice this amazing vintage pin in my outfit? My good friend Gentri knows what I love far too well and sent me it for Christmas! 


  1. I need to participate in your link ups and hashtags, already! I always want to but am never prepared. :P this outfit is so beautiful! I love it! And that pin, I could only have parted with it knowing it was going to someone who would wear it right. I definitely gave it to the right girl!

  2. Love this look and he pin is perfection, especially since it is a cherished gift. Honored to do this link up with you, friend;)

  3. That scarf is gorgeous! xo

  4. Perfection! I seriously LOVE this look & you ~ your blog is the best!! xxx

  5. LOVE this outfit- these red boots are amazing!

  6. It seems like red is the popular trend for the link up! Great minds we all have :) This is adorable. I love your style so much!

  7. Gorgeous.... PS I LOVE that scarf... the end


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