Plaid on Plaid

 Jacket-thrifted//Jeans and scarf-H&M//Sweater-Thrifted//Booties-Sam Edelman

 I recently found this plaid jacket for $4 thrifting. Plaid is very on trend right now and as much as I don't LOVE trying to keep up with the ever changing trends, it is one that I really love.Thats why I love thrifting so so much! You can be trendy and find gems without breaking your bank account.
 Coast to Coast Central or @c2c_central on instagram has the most fun style challenges every Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday was "plaid on plaid." If you haven't heard of it or have never participated, I hope you will. It is fun to be creative with items in your closet....And see how other girls might take a certain challenge differently than you do.
What is your current favorite trend? Or least favorite?? I'm curious....

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the plaid and your boots are stunning xo


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