Spoiled Head

As you all may have noticed, I recently changed up my hair a bit....I'm still not used to it but it's always fun to try something new! I actually have all my life always had my hair blonde.... I decided to do the ombre to keep from having to color my hair too often! Which was a wonderful choice because it got to be really healthy and long! I went for blonde again which really scares me (bleach does no good for my hair especially) so I decided to spoil my head and get what products I have heard raved as the best! 

Anyone a fan? I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Pureology and Moroccan Oil. They are among the MOST expensive of hair products, so they are officially on a "trial" basis for me. I plan to do what I can to really take good care of my hair which includes only 1-2 washes a week. (normal for me) One of the reasons I didn't mind spending a little more on my shampoo, it lasts me FOREVER! 

If you have blonde hair, the Sea lights shampoo is AMAZING! It takes out any brassy or yellow tones in your hair. This has been my brand of choice. 

So I will let you know how my hair feels! I am a little over excited to wash my hair! haha. I still have a few more days to go though before I can....

What is your hair care products of choice?? I am all ears... In fact, I would love feedback on beauty products period! Face, hair, lotions, nail polish. I am totally a girly girl who loves to talk all things girl! So share away!


P.S. This lovely hat came in the mail today... I found it on ebay for thrift store price. It is a Pendleton hat which is such an awesome brand! My head is going to be totally spoiled!


  1. great product tips!



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  3. My favorite shampoos are sulfate and paraben free. Try Wen! Or if you want to go cheaper (like me) buy Simply U from Walmart

    xx Laur

  4. Okay so I don't want to ruin your thunder, but Pureology sold out to Loreal a few years back and their products haven't been as good to me since. I've been a hair stylist now for almost 7 years and I used to eat breath and drink Pureology, but a couple years back that changed and one of their conditioners actually made me break out all over my body in a rash. I love Daviness products and the price point is about the same as Pureology, but if you really want to get a bang for your buck then I would try Brocato and Sabastian which I also really love, but the price point is a lot better. So thats my little tidbit, I love to talk about hair whenever I can so of you have any questions I'm always here eager to answer. Also I love Moroccan Oil, it's my saving grace ;)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I appreciate them!!


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