Live The Little Things

A few months ago I came in contact with a girl through instagram. (I could start this sentence with a handful of people that I consider some of my greatest friends!) Her name is Meg. I love her photos and the passion she has for life! She started a hashtag project #livethelittlethings and I remember immediately commenting on the first photo "I am totally in! This is me everyday!" I have always tried to be grateful for the small things in my life. Not overlook the things we often are too busy to notice. Don't be so busy that you may have missed an opportunity to serve someone in need, etc. It is a motto I have lived by for as long as I can remember. Smiling at a stranger. Picking up a penny off the ground. Seeing a falling star right as you look up in the sky. A random call or text from an old friend.  I am not perfect but I have tried to not take these things for granted. Meg immediately reached out to me to team up and get this project going! I was so excited and loved the idea. So together each week we would be examples of living the little things and then as the hashtag grew, we started sharing others photos who were participating on our feeds. A couple months ago, Meg had found that she was letting too many things distract her from what she really wanted to be important in her life (instagram included) so she decided that she was going to delete her account. We grew close with what #livethelittlethings had become so I decided to carry it on by myself in my own way. I continue to text Meg the photos and moments people share so I still feel it is OUR thing...I admire her so much for her courage to get rid of the things she feels was detracting her from the important things in her life.

I have loved seeing how #livethelittlethings has really grown. There are almost 3,000 shared tender life moments on instagram and I am blown away each week by what blessings people have realized in their lives. 

Every other Sunday, I feature four photos on my instagram account @runstylerun. I have such a hard time choosing just four that I have decided to also share more on my blog. I screen shot all the ones that I really love (Not gonna lie, I really love every single one of them hehe) but I end up having A TON by the end of the week. Rather than only share a few, I thought I would share the ones I ended up with here! 

@alexandrakrystal//@rosianemelo//@taylortippetts//@mrshillarysal//@herhollowway//@rehanna_mae @kathleensayer//@airgreenwood//@jmtrovato//@tricialee

Meg and I used to take turns each Sunday sharing photos so I have continued sharing on my weeks and then I have invited others to volunteer as guest judges on the weeks Meg would have normally shared! So, those of you who have instagram, no matter how many followers you have, if being a guest judge might interest you, contact me at runstylerun@gmail.com ....

^^ Here are the four photos I decided to feature on instagram:

1-@airgreenwood Being grateful for every little quirk her family dog has.
2-@wandering_isfp Free food.
3-kathleensayer Realizing that there ARE better things out there in life....hehe.
4-@anneliesemcclain Surrounding yourself with beautiful things.

This week I was able to spend an evening with these two rascals. I lived each little moment with them and had my eyes open to how extremely blessed I am to have them in my life. Lydia is my 1 year old niece and Sam is my 3 year old nephew.  Sam's spunky personality. Lydia's oh so wonderful tight random hugs around my neck. The way each of them say my name. Realizing how much they both have grown! Sam now annunciates his words almost perfectly and Lydia repeats everything she hears so well! I have become the family "horse" where each child takes turns holding on for dear life as I gallop around on my hands and knees. It has become a regular thing and I kinda love that. I love our little personal moments. I love whispering "I love you" in their ears and hearing "I wuv you too" in return. 

 I hope you will all take this challenge to slow down and pick up on the small things in your life. Choose to see "how" and "why" you should choose to be happy because of what you have.  I will continue sharing my moments and if by chance you don't have instagram but would like to participate, share on you blog or email me!  I would love to receive photos or stories to share about how you #livethelittlethings and would love to feature them here on my blog as well!

For those of you with instagram, search @runstylerun and use the hashtag #livethelittlethings throughout the week! It's fun and motivating plus I've made so many wonderful friends already doing it!



  1. i absolutely love this idea! inspiring :)



  2. This is a fun little idea! I do a weekly gratitude list every Thursday on my blog, and keep a journal through the week to remember all the little things. :) It's so important!

    xo Ashley


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