Live the Little Things//February 16

This week was full of ups and downs but I didn't hesitate to be grateful for the little things in my life....

Taking a few precious hours to sit close to my 14 year old nephew. We watched Napoleon Dynamite. I was more grateful to hear his laugh, listen to him quote about every line in the movie, and to cuddle up close to him. He has well surpassed me in height but is still my precious little nephew. Love every moment spent with him.

Last night I walked in the door and it the most heart warming thing....First Tanner with a big cheesy grin on his face, "Aunt Banni!" Then they all come, knocked me on my behind with their hugs and kisses. My niece and nephews are a few of the very brightest lights in my life. They mean so much to me. 

Cute little Lydia proceeded to twist and turn and play with my hair. I gave her all the time she needed to create her swirled masterpiece.

 It's these little moments I can never get back. They grow up with every day that passes. 


I explained what the #livethelittlethings project is on this post here. This week on instagram so many fun photos were posted using the hashtag.  Here are a few I couldn't resist to share here.


What fun moments to live the little things....

Here are the four I decided to feature on my feed @runstylerun on instagram.

1-@sarah_inpursuit- An old gorgeous photo of her mom.
2-@peubird- Just being grateful for quiet, simple moments.
3-@ana_schr-Valentines...But realizing you don't need just one day for love.
4-@sleepiestzombie-Love is everything (her shirt is Wildfox and its fabulous.)


Join us using the hashtag #livethelittlethings on insagram. Or send me a photo to share via email. Most importantly, don't be so busy that you miss out on these rare and lovely moments in your life. Everything and everyone in our lives is a gift. A special gift from God to never take for granted. 



  1. Olá Brandi! Vim aqui te agradecer por ter selecionado minha foto no seu feed. Foi uma ótima surpresa! Muito obrigada!
    Ficarei acompanhando o seu blog. Legal saber que você fala português!
    Ótima semana pra você!
    Ana (@ana_schr)

  2. Yay! Thank you so much for sharing my instagram! Great post!



  3. so cute!!




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