Runaway and Back

My cute friend Karlee is studying at BYU-Idaho for a semester (whilst her hubby stayed back in Salt Lake) So she wanted a roadtrip buddy to go down for the weekend with. So I ran away again.. It was loads of fun catchin up with her. I forget how much more fun traveling is with someone else in the car!

Dates, temple trip to the Jordan River temple, time with my besties, shopping, favorite foods, pretty much all the best things...

 Yeah, I'm not much of an artist. (mine is on the right.)

 Yes random old house because I love them of every shape and size...

 McCalls first time at "Melty Way." I'm officially obsessed.

^^You think I ate this for breakfast? No way...For Sunday pre-nap lunch!

 McCall and I may or may not have spent 2.5 hours making up a dance (and perfecting it) to an N'Sync song. Sorry to disappoint but that video will go into an only known to us archive. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the days when you were 12 years old... (I always loved N'Sync more than Backstreet boys...just saying)

^^ Andddddd....back home before I knew it.  But not for long. Change is coming big time for me. I don't want to make a big deal out of it so for now I'll just say, I plan to soon start a new chapter in my life.


Also this has nothing to do with anything I just said, but sorry I had to add the "enter word or phrase" on my comment section again (I know it's so annoying and inconvenient) because I got about 100 "anonymous" spam comments that just kept coming and coming. Thanks for understanding. 


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  1. what pretty photos!




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