Road Trip continued//Photo Journal

Let's just call this a photo journal from the rest of THIS trip... and be ready for a bum load of pictures because well....that's just what I decided to do...

First 2 nights I stayed with my besties....Ashley and McCall. Pizza, ice cream....shopping. We love it all.

Found this vintage moo moo. Yay, can't wait for summer!!!

After Gentri and I went to the media influencer conference, we met up for a little adventure time. We got on the road and headed to Heber and Midway Utah...

Ok this was seriously cool! We walked on a frozen lake. It was peaceful and quiet...But you could hear the sound of the lake breathing. It did kinda scare me a bit being out on the ice hearing it, but it was like nothing I could ever describe breath taking!

Went inside the crater in Midway. Just FYI, if you're a Bachelor fan and watched Ben's season....This is the little place where on one of his dates they dropped down in the crater and swam.. Pretty cool yes?

We hit up every little vintage or thrift shop we could find...

Ate lunch at Dairy Keen in Heber. Yes I know, so healthy. But it's all about the experience! We used to have a cabin near Heber when I was younger and we would always stop for shakes at the Keen.

Had to stop and take a photo of this cool old house. To be honest, Midway was full of them!

Headed back to Provo to go on a little hike...

Watched the sunset...

^^Left is from the bottom, Right is at the top... Nothing big but fun...^^

We were pretty exhausted that night. So we got pizza and watched Frozen...

Next day went for a walk.

Saw my old dance studio from when I was 8 or 9!

Ate here...Best grilled cheese I have ever had. (my mouth is watering thinking about it...)

More antique/thrift stores. WE LOVE THEM!

So funny....This guy looked like he was ready to eat little Gentri... hehe.

Then we ate at Porter's Place. Holy moly coolest place ever! It is set up like an old saloon with saloon music and everything! We just went in for the experience and milkshakes. I loved it to pieces!

Gentri and I parted ways and I spent the rest of the weekend with McCall.... We did some more shopping, went to see a movie with our favorite, popcorn and peanut butter m&m's....

 Later we went to Park City and listened to some live music.  Super chill with super fun people.

Best long weekend EVER!

I'm going back this weekend. I miss my friends...hehe



  1. looks like a great trip! :)



  2. Yep, it was a blast! Can't wait to see you this weekend! Even if it's just so you can grab your clothes. Haha

  3. Looks like such a fun trip!! Love all the photos:)


  4. what fun! looks like you had a blast. oh and popcorn + m&ms = my favorite!


  5. it looks like you and gentri had an awesome time/trip :) and that white dress (vintage moomoo lol), it's so pretty i hope you got it!


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