All I really need on Valentines Day is to turn on some Frank Sinatra... No matter if I'm with someone or not, he does it for me.  Makes my heart flutter and puts a smile on my face. He and Dean Martin. and Joshua Radin....oh and always and forever Mr. Michael Buble. Try it. If you're wanting some feel good music...Look no further. I promise they cure all. That and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. hehe.

This outfit is inspired by the lovely Ashley from  I believe in unicorns. There was a girl at our Influencer meeting a few weeks ago wearing it... Ashley was brave enough to find out where it was from and when I saw her wearing it, I of course wanted it as well. I take no credit. It all goes to cute Ashley.

 Dress-Lulu's//Booties-Sam Edelman //Bracelet- Threads

Do you have a special someone for Valentines Day? Or are you like me and spend it with the classics? Movie night? Wherever you are and whoever you're with...I hope it's wonderful because LOVE is wonderful....



  1. Gorgeous post! You look stunning xo

  2. that dress is beautiful!!



  3. All I need for v day is THAT DRESS! Seriously girl, it's amazing.


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