Lets Talk About the Weather...

 Jeans-Nordstrom Rack   Boots- Thrifted <3 (current favorite)   Shirt-Anthropologie via DE   
Watch- DKNY via TJ Maxx    Wrap Bracelet- C/O a Just Dawnelle (I won it on her blog giveaway!)

I got this wrap bracelet a few months ago...and somehow I lost it! I couldn't find it anywhere. Checked my jewelry hanger probably 3 times. I just did NOT know what I did with it! I was sad because it is a quality bracelet. Well....today I was putting my rings on and just happened to glance down...there it was. Right where I put it in my jewelry hanger. haha.  I was so EXCITED! Now that is where it will go from now on haha. 

Two things I want to talk about:
1. I must speak of the weather: (That makes me so cool...hmm, what to talk about... uhhhh, the weather... haha)  Do you see the grass I'm standing on??? NO it's not green, but it's not covered in snow which makes me happy. I was outside without a coat all day today and yesterday! Does this mean spring is coming??? I sure hope so!

2. Must try: I am an avid lover of coconut oil as a hair moisturizing treatment. Usually I put it in my hair for 1-2 hours before I get in the shower. Well...I decided to try it over night. I just didn't like the thought of sleeping in an uncomfortable shower cap the whole night.  But...it was worth it. My hair feels so good! It will be a "to do" for me every week now!!! Try it...you won't be sorry!


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