Vintage Blouse

Jeans- Gap   Blouse-Thrifted (vintage)   Boots-Frye

So when I went thrifting this week...At the DI (a thrift store) I swear there were like 20 of these vintage style shirts (the one I am wearing is one of them) This is seriously a terrible terrible thought, but I couldn't help but wonder if someone died. I know that a lot of older people just stick with the clothes they've had forever. I know my Grandma always did. So I'm glad to know if that was the case, this shirt went to a good home.

I added a few things to my own wardrobe. Loving the soft colors. 



  1. Pretty blouse. Vintage suits you well. I think you can also update the blouse by wearing something "hard," like a biker jacket or metallic pants. A floral blouse is very versatile.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  2. this looks awesome on you Brandi! Plus I am really loving the big thick bangs on you - really suits you :)


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