Mom Time

My mom and I spent the entire day together yesterday...Shopping, lunch, a little gossip...mostly just enjoyed each others company and spent each others money.."this is so you...you need to get this.." I taught mom the ropes of thrifting and I must say...she did quite well!

 My mom makes me laugh...She didn't get it at first when I handed her this shirt and said it was perfect for her. In my family, besides her I'm the shortest of us all....and I'm 5'9. haha...Not short. She's 5'4.

 Life is too short to not eat dessert!

Taking mom back to her school days....This was the funnest little vintage desk!

 Leggings-Local Boutique   Sweater-Thrifted ($1)   Boots-Thrifted (leather $5)   Hat-F21   
Glasses-Thrifted (new with tags)   Purse-Thrifted

And...these Moccasins are blue...and they make me happy.

It was a really really good day. 


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