Earth Tones + Jewels

I am usually a regular social media updater...I appreciate the few of you that have noticed I have been MIA... I recently started a new job, still working my old job, and with selling things on Instagram...I have been BUSY! But busy is good. 

Here is my take on Earth Tones +Jewels for Coast to Coast Challenge.

 To be honest I kinda forgot about the jewels part...But I'm not really into wearing a LOT of jewelry. I do LOVE statement pieces though. These Red boots and Leather vest (real leather might I add) definitely would be awesome jewels to spice up an ordinary outfit.  What makes this look even better is that it's entirely thrifted besides my jeans!



You just made my day! Let me know if you're a new visitor or a new follower...I'd love to check out your blog! Hey, and I also speak Portuguese and a little Spanish! Beijos!!