Camera Strap + Small Business Support

 I was wanting to get a camera strap unique to me.... And as you may or may not know, I absolutely love supporting small businesses. I love finding little shops in random places. I love meeting shop owners and getting to know little bits about them. I love personalized, one of a kind items. (Reason I love to thrift as well.)

I decided to search on etsy because most are people like me just trying to get by and take a chance at an idea.

I came across Country Eyes Ocean Heart and was delighted to see that the owner, Maddie, was in Salt Lake (which is where I'm from originally) and that she made custom orders. I contacted her right away, gave her an idea of what type of fabric I wanted (I so love vintage florals) she emailed me right back, went out to the fabric store I think even that same day, emailed me a swatch (which was EXACTLY what I wanted) and in a little over a week I had my camera strap. It is a sturdy, corduroy fabric with genuine leather detail. I am so happy with it. 

It's the Christmas season.... Seek out those small businesses that deserve it. 
I have mentioned some in previous posts but decided to make a small list of must visits which include some I know personally or have had personal contact with:

If you yourself have a shop or have a friend with one that you absolutely love, please do share in the comments below! 


**This is not a sponsored post. Just showing some love and sharing my opinion.**


  1. I loooove that camera strap! The fabric is gorgeous. I'm a big fan of shopping small businesses too... I may just have to check this shop out!


  2. new visitor hear (thanks to insta). I love your estilo - you have an eye for things. can you recommend a&a small business that sells handmade fabrics/textiles? I have some pilows that need rejuvenating.


  3. that strap is gorgeous!




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