Holiday Series//#3 THE Beanie

THE beanie. I mean it....This is the only beanie you ever need to own. I may say more but this is all I really need to say. 

They have about ever color that exists!

I also want:


At least one more is definitely on my wishlist. hehe...
What's color do you love?

Mocs-Minnetonka//Jeans-Joe's//Sweater-Thrifted///Coat-Thrifted//Gloves-H&M//Hat- StepCat

Also...I found this coat a couple weeks ago thrifting. I love the color blocked neutrals. It's been perfect for the cold weather we have been having. I am not complaining much about that though.... Funny, I've found myself wishing it would snow!  Fresh snow is so wonderful for Christmas! 
Speaking of Christmas....

It's here in 5 days!



  1. This is so cosy! I love your mittens xo

  2. Brandi- LOVE the beanie look! :) Adorable. And nice thrift find- that coat is perfect. I thrift everything, I swear.


  3. Linda, linda, linda! E esse batom MARAVILHOSO! Fica muito bem em vc! Beijos do Brasil! Te esperamos pra copa 2014 hein! Sheila :)


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