Holiday Series//#4 Little Things

Here is a post dedicated to the little things that I have been loving the past few days leading up to Christmas....

I have pretty much been living in these three items lately. Sam boots, Step Cat beanie, and red lips.

 I am officially the only single person or the only one without my own little family left. So mom, dad, and I it is. Maybe next year? (I swear I say that every year...hehe)

 This fun little ornament is as old as me.... what a treasures.

1991 Brandi. Homemade gem.

 I cannot even describe with words how beautiful it has been the past few days. It has been thick with fog, everything from trees to fences to bushes have been covered in ice.... All white. 

"....one of those happy days that God grants us sometimes on earth to give us an idea of the bliss of heaven." 

 I officially examined each and every ornament on our tree. Each one holding a date and a story. A tradition I will carry on for the rest of my Christmas's.

To finish off, three more of my favorite accessories.... Windsor Faux Fur scarf, black converse, and SiraMara bracelet

I hope you all are safe and sound and that you'll enjoy this beautiful week.



  1. What gorgeous photos! Happy Holidays xo

  2. Such cute photos! I am in love with that beanie
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