Thrifty Thursday: at this wall

I used to quite often do a thrifty Thursday post and realized today I haven't done one in so long!! I had a few photos that I didn't share in the month of August and realized they're all outfits that are mostly from thrift stores.  So here is a "thrifty Thursday" and a "style flash" all in one...All happen to be in the same spot, are skirt/dresses, and have the same bag. I didn't plan this. hehe.
 Outfit one:
I'll start with the bag since it will be in all three outfits--It is from Anthropologie I bought on sale at Downeast. Downeast carries overstock or damaged name brand items, so I often find some really fun gems like this bag for seriously low prices.  I'm actually wearing a dress here and it is JCrew I found at a thrift store for $4. It's a tank dress I will probably wear all year round! Cute as a swimsuit cover up, or with a sweater or button down like I'm wearing here. Top is also JCrew I got when they did an extra 50% off their sale. I'm a sale scrounger I swear...I don't often pay full price for anything. Where my patience comes in handy. Sandals are Saltwaters I bought second hand from a friends IG shop. I'm obsessed with them.
Total all cost me under $60. If you know the prices at Anthropologie and JCrew alone...This price should seem pretty impressive. hehe.

 Outfit two:
Dress is a thrift find. I have gotten so many compliments on this dress which makes me laugh cuz ITS A FRUMPY MOMMISH DRESS!! I think I paid $2 for it and my intentions when I bought it was an at home dress while it was hot. I wore it out this day ONCE and had people asking me where I got it. haha. Sometimes I just don't know. Sandals are Madewell I got on serious sale. 
Total all cost me under $50.

Outfit three:
This outfit kinda has a story. (which I shared already on Instagram, so sorry if you're getting it twice.) I bought this vintage Levi top at a thrift store and found it a little tight for comfort...Has NO stretch to it.  I couldn't get rid of it though cuz I really liked it. Kinda the perfect denim top. I put it on this day and it fit me with room to spare! The running I've done this summer has definitely paid off. Skirt is a thrift find from my time in Brazil. I remember this lady had a tiny little shop in front of her house and we would walk by it frequently on our way home. This skirt was hanging right up in the front and I admired it often. (As a missionary your funds are small and precious.) Well..As I got to the end of my time there I had to have it. It has a few holes and the under slip is a little ripped but it just adds to it's character for me.  Clogs I won on an instagram giveaway!! They're Uxibal
I paid less than $30 for this whole ensemble!

Which "thrifty Thursday" look is your favorite?



  1. outfit #2! ahh, that dress is such a good find!



  2. I love everything about the top outfit, #1! So adorable! My weakness is thrift stores. I'm living in Japan for a couple months and I've asked around about thrift stores and they stare at me weird before saying through very broken english, "no, no, there is NEW clothes at store down there"... they don't get it. I miss Savers haha.


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