Everyday Rings

So you may or may not remember THIS POST when I mentioned the terrible horrible no good very bad day I was robbed this summer? (I do try to put it out of my mind...) Well...I mentioned how all of my everyday rings were in the bag that was taken which made me super sad. Among them were my midi rings from XO Fine Jewelry on etsy. (Formerly known as Mishella Boutique.)

 The lovely shop owner was so sweet to send me all new rings and I'm equally obsessed with them. I can't tell you how often I get complimented on these rings. The best part is they're so incredibly affordable!! A big plus for me is that despite the fact I wear them everyday...They don't tarnish or leave my fingers green. I have had this happen way too often sad to say. I am so happy to be able to support this shop.

I got gold and silver and love to mix and match so I highly recommend doing that yourself.

P.S. Whoa September!!? I feel like time is flying so fast for me right now. But life is good. Sooooo good friends.



  1. gorgeous rings!



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