Staycation Getaway//Mt. Pleasant, Utah Part One

Hello November!! We finished off our October with the perfect little getaway....

So this is post one of two.....This post I thought I would share our adventures exploring this new place and the next one I will give a tour of our amazing air bnb! Because it needs it's own post in and of itself. It was so amazing.

We are all about exploring the areas around us so we were thrilled to be introduced to Valentine Carriage House-- the most charming air bnb in the cutest little town, Mt. Pleasant, Utah. It is around 5 hours away from where we live in Idaho Falls. Not so far we can't get there quickly by car but far enough we are exploring a new location neither of us have been to! We were excited for that. So Friday night we headed out. We stayed in Deweyville, Utah at Alan's childhood home and Saturday we were on the road to Mt. Pleasant. We drove through the beautiful Spanish Fork Canyon. We arrived in Mt. Pleasant and headed straight for Valentine Carriage House so we could check in. We were met there by the owner Keith and his daughter Emily.... who I have known for a few years now through my blog! They both gave us the grand tour and Alan and I were both obsessed!!! Emily had left us the sweetest basket full of comfort. (Cinnamon oatmeal cookies...Not kidding I died and went to heaven so good. Also a free soda where Alan got a dirty Dr. Pepper...he was in heaven too.) 
 The house is over a century old and has so much charm and character. 
After we settled in a bit we wanted to explore while we still had some light! We headed into town and of course found a quaint little thrift store.
After that we walked around town to just see what Mt. Pleasant is all about.
Of course when you find the perfect white wall, you document it....
 I promised him the minute he turned around, "you know that's gonna be the photo I share..." hahahaha love him!!
After exploring we picked up breakfast for the next day at Terrels grocery (including some of their recommended yummy doughnuts hehe) and then decided to drive out of town. We went to Manti a couple towns away to see the Manti LDS temple....It's seriously like a dream castle. I've been before but it was Alan's first time!
Look at that sky!!!!

It was time to eat dinner, so we headed back toward Mt. Pleasant and stopped at the CUTEST pizza place in Ephraim called Roys. Seriously most ideal pizza place in my book. The young lady at the front recommended the cheese sticks. So cheese sticks we got. And I of course got myself a strawberry shake cuz ice cream is my weakness.
 This restaurant has been around for 30 years but before it was a restaurant, it was a dance hall!! We walked around and imagined what it was like back then.
We took our food back to the Valentine Carriage House, watched Corpse Bride and stuffed ourselves with food til we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore.

Sunday, we had a leisure morning and reluctantly said our goodbyes to our cute air bnb...
 (Tour to come, I had too many photos to do it all in one post haha)
But before we left...We HAD to finish off with a game of pool in their game room..
We also made a little friend that really really wanted to hang out with us. She was too precious... hehe
 As we were taking this last photo, our little kitty friend came to join me. I totally wished I could take her home with me. I'm a sucker for furry four legged friends.
We  headed out  to Maple Canyon to enjoy some scenery.....
People do a lot of rock climbing in this canyon!
I would say we did our best to seize our weekend. It went by way too fast! We would totally recommend making your way out to this lovely part of Utah. There is SOOO much to do. Rock climbing, hiking, you could get atv's and explore the area that way, snow mobiling in the winter. If you like dirt biking, they even do races out this way because they have such great trails!! Thrift and antique stores and museums. Up Fairview Canyon, which is the way we went home, they have lake after lake after lake. Just so much beauty to see. A lot of the restaurants there are small and locally owned. We really wanted to try Wheeler's Burgers but we didn't get a chance to because of our short trip....Being in this area, it was just a fun, quiet, and beautiful getaway. I of course number one recommend you get on your computer and just book a few nights at the Valentine Carriage House.  That is what made our stay even more homey being there. Mention me to them for 10% off a two night stay!
Alan and I have been married six whole months now. I love celebrating every moment with him. Thank goodness I have a husband who loves to take adventures maybe even more than I do! Which is saying a lot...

To be continued......



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    1. We had so much fun dad. It was fun to give those small towns some love.

  2. i love the shots of main street. love that place! did you guys find the "center of utah" plaque?

    1. I remembered when we were at that statue then totally spaced it! So bummed.

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