Darby Canyon Hike

This past weekend we decided we needed an adventure! We drove up through Swan Valley and Driggs, Idaho to go hiking! My favorite activity in the entire world...
At the gas station in Swan Valley they have their well known and delicious square ice cream. I requested a stop and Alan obliged. Hucklerry Cheesecake! If you ever go up that direction you gotta stop! It's such a treat!
This is Darby Canyon. It is stunningly beautiful. The hike is 5 miles round trip and goes up to the most beautiful wind cave that has a waterfall coming out of it. 
The trail was super muddy. As you can see, Huckleberry didn't mind one bit. 
 This gorgeous spot is where we starting hitting the snowy spots. This was a frozen waterfall! We stopped and ate a snack. 
 I bought a tripod!!! A light weight one to easily carry on my back. So...Here is my first attempt at capturing a family photo....hahahahah
 Luckily the second attempt worked hehe.
This is my adventure backpack. It went to Brazil with me. The prettiest of leathers....I'd highly recommend it for sure. Get it HERE.
I cannot even describe the joy Huck has being outdoors. On top of that being around water...And even on top of that snow! He lovvvesss snow!
This is the wind cave and waterfall. 
Climbing up to the wind cave was a bit of a challenge. Well, for me. haha. Huckleberry is now initiated in as "THE adventure dog." He climbed up the mountain better and faster than any of us and as you can see in this photo, is always watching to make sure we are doing ok. Thanks Huck.
There was one part of the cave that you crawled through a smaller space to get into another large area. Alan wanted to snap some photos of me coming back out of it. The camera flash was blinding me and I couldn't stop giggling. When we were back deeper in the cave, at one point we turned off all the lights and experienced complete darkness. It is quite an overwhelming and cool experience but oh how grateful I was that we had light again.
 We had the most delightful hike. The way down we enjoyed the sunset then hiked the end through the dark. We went and found a little spot by the river to build a fire to roast hot dogs and smores. Best way to finish the perfect day.
Hmmmm....now, where can we go on our next adventure?

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