His and Hers Sneakers

 I am so in love with this little family of mine. Huck isn't in many of the photos because he was sooooo excited to be outside and playing in the snow haha. And we saw bunnies and a deer that kept his attention better than we could. Poor Katie taking our photos.....she had the utmost patience. Isn't her work amazing though? This is only half of our photos and I still had the hardest time choosing which ones to share! 

PS Brooks Heritage does it again!! These sneakers are under $80 (Alans are even less on sale) and they're perfect all year round shoes. We both LOVE them. Alan could not be happier with how light and comfortable they are! Take my advice and put them on your Christmas wish list! 

Get mine HERE. (THESE are great too and on super sale!)
Get Alans HERE

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