Bonding Bees

I am so excited to introduce a company called Bonding Bees today. Who couldn't use some fun ideas for a date night with your love? I absolutely love what Bonding Bees is all about. They want to help bring back the spark in your relationship and to experience new things together! They'll surprise you every month with a whole new date night box. You won't know what's coming. Every month is different. This month was Paris, the city of love--with an emphasis on communication. Canvas and paint to create something fun together with a delicious chocolate fondue kit. 
I took Alan to a place he's never been. It's actually my favorite spot in town. Surrounded by trees and sits right by a river. Quiet and romantic. Perfect to enjoy each other's company (with Huck of course) and have fun with our Bonding Bees date night box. 
Alan and I would highly recommend Bonding Bees. It's such a thoughtful and unique idea to change things up and help keep your most important relationship a priority. Use code "runstylerun15" to get your first box for $15! Then when you get it, I challenge you to think of your favorite spot in your town and treat your significant other to a romantic evening.


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