Pink Detox

When was the last time you took just an hour for yourself? If you're able to do it all the time then you're awesome... If you're like most, you're probably scratching your head thinking back to a time. So here's my challenge to you. Go lock yourself in the bathroom for 30 minutes to an hour, draw a hot bath, turn on your favorite tunes, and treat yourself to some Pink Detox bath salts. I opened mine and instantly almost fell over because of how good it smells. That may be an exaggeration, but no kidding it is the most intoxicating smell I have beheld in a long long long long time. I wish I could think of every good and beautiful word to describe it.
Taking some "me" time while Alan is at a meeting. 
A few reasons why I love Pink Detox:

I already mentioned the smell. It is life changing. Hey, Pink Detox!!! Please make a lotion and/or perfume or body spray!!! I would drink it up.

It's USA made. Guys, lets support our US products!

It's made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients which help naturally detox your skin and heal it from within.

And last but not least, it's a pretty blush pink color. Need I say more? 
Now please excuse me while I go bask in this goodness and soak away my toxins. 

Go visit Pink Detox's website and use code "RUNSTYLERUN" for 15% off your purchase. Bonus....
they do free shipping. I'm stocking up on this pink gold.


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