This post is sponsored by VitaTops, but the content and opinions here are my own.

The first few photos I'm going to call a "series" and had to share these specific photos really for just one reason. 


Just watch how desperate he is for one of my VitaTop muffin tops.

Of course I couldn't share because chocolate isn't good for dogs, but it's hilarious how much he's working for it.....
Hahahaha... Welcome to my life. There's always someone watching me eat.
Now for these VitaTops muffin tops. You can find them in the freezer isle of Target! Or if you don't have a Target they also have them at Krogers, Stop and Shop, Shop-Right, or Publix. I was kinda excited they came in the freezer section. Although you can easily heat them up in the microwave or toaster, I tried them just barely thawed out and they're so good that way!! An easy grab and go, healthier option for your busy days. Or when you just need a treat but know you shouldn't grab for that ice cream (aka ME!!) 
 They have several flavors which all have several different benefits. Check them out HERE and tell me which flavor you'd prefer??


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