Thrifty Thursday

Today the weather was GORGEOUS!!!!

I went outside without a coat!!!! McCall and I got together and had lunch and enjoyed the sunshine.

And of course we did a little thrifting!

I bought this fun vintage dress! I may want to take the sleeves up a little but I loved how it fit!

Imagine these together.....

Might be cute!!

The dress was $4 and my boots were $5 (You've already seen the booties, I bought them a couple weeks ago) Oh how I love THRIFTING!!!



  1. Hooray for warm weather and thrifting finds! Haha, those boots are super cute <3

    Trendy Teal

  2. OHHHH such a bargain for an outfit... well done!

  3. so fun-i spent thurs thrifting too... best time.
    i love the top you have on... comfy/cute.

  4. What a steal! Every so often I'll find something good and cheap, but lately I find that a lot of thrift shops are wise to what to be charging. Bummer.

    Cable Car Couture

  5. gosh thrifting is seriously so much fun! I went yesterday to look for a new couch and extra furniture (my roomie is moving out which is SAD. but my boyfriend is moving in and we get to pick out new stuff!) Needless to say, we wandered into goodwill looking for house stuff and I came out with a silk blouse and a christian dior scarf....at unheard of priced. One makes trash is anothers treasure right? I love your new dress, I love when a thrift store dress randomly has the best fit possible!




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