Running Attire

Hey guys! So who's all with me to start getting into shape? I thought I'd give some running tips for beginners or even those who are already runners.
For starters I thought I'd share some of my favorite things to wear while running.
SHOES- So important to get a good pair of shoes! Especially if you plan on running long distance. I'll tell you from experience. When I first started running I just bought my normal shoe size and as I started running longer distances I was getting more and more blisters! So I did a lot of research and discovered that you should buy 1/2 size if not even a full size larger than you wear in regular shoes. Your feet swell as you run and really need room to be able to breath. So when I finally bought some great running shoes, it made a HUGE difference!!!
There are 2 brands of running shoes that I love and probably will never get anything different.
1- These babies  -Asic Gel-Kayano. These are excellent shoes. Very supportive, comfortable, breathable, and I think pretty affordable. You can see me wearing them in this pic.
2- And these- Inov8  Last summer I started getting into cross fit.  These were the top recommended shoes.  They're very light and comfortable. The new trend seems to be " running as if in your bare feet" barely anything there. I haven't run long distances in these but they're excellent for short runs, working out in the gym, and any classes you take. AND they're obviously PERFECT for cross fit!

SOCKS-I like to wear thin socks. They make running socks too that are a little better to breath. Just remember, your feet are the most important thing when it comes to running. You NEED to take good care of your feet!

TOP- My favorite shirts to wear are usually the Nike Dry-fit. They're comfortable, not tight, and you don't sweat like a banchy. They also have some REALLY awesome long sleeved ones that are great to just pull right over your t-shirt!

BRA- My very favorite sports bra is just one that I've bought at Target- Champion.

HAIR-I love having my hair totally out of my face! These head bands are my favorite. I got this one in Brazil! Wish I had bought more!!!
A little word of advice. This helps me! Put your workout clothes on, pull your hair back, tie your shoes, grab your water bottle and head out. Don't give yourself time to think about it otherwise you won't go!Have a great work out and look good doing it!

 If anyone has any questions, or suggestions please let me know. I'd love a few post requests as well.



  1. I totally agree with the shoes. A good pair of running shoes will do wonders to the knees.

    Cute head gear.


  2. OMG! I should start runnning lol. I'm soo lazy ughh
    need to burn my fattt so bad..

    That shoes looking good

    Good luck honey


    <3 Una

  3. lovely photos :) i follow you,great blog :)
    follow me,please :))

  4. Very nice post. I am however, the anti-runner. I work out don't get me wrong, but running makes me want to cry. Those Inov8 shoes in blue look thought!

  5. I wear headbands when I run too. I hate hair in my face. It's nice to meet a fellow runner. :)

  6. I agree. Good shoes are so important. I wear Pearl Izumis and it makes me angry I wore crappy cross trainers for years. Love your headbands. So cute.

    I am following you now, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you will come back and follow me.


  7. Great post, although I'm the last thing from a runner! Thank you for the sweet comment xo


  8. I really love your "running style" looking fresh!



  9. I love all your advice! I became obsessed with running a few years ago and I wish I could have followed your blog then haha we should follow each other! Thanks for visiting glitterati and glamour!



  10. It looks like you and I have similar workout clothes... so comfy!!

    Check out 87Life on Facebook!

    1. Good post for runners! I used to be really into my running but haven't done it for about a year and am hoping to get back into it. It is my favourite form of cardio, especially outdoor runs!

      Glad to read about the shoe post, I wasn't sure whether to buy a size smaller or larger (I chose larger thankfully!) and don't regret it. I'm a New Balance girl, myself.

      Thanks for the stop-over am now a follower of your blog!

  11. Great basic advice! I like to run & I'm hiking mt. st. helens this summer (the mountain that blew up in 1980). so this was helpful. glad to have stopped by :)
    xo. anna

  12. Very good advice....I always think about it and when I do I drag myself to the gym in a bad mood, but I always feel good when I leave, lol. So, I'm going to try and not think about it at all today and just go.


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