Style and Thrift Finds Lately

My style and thrifty adventures lately:
I love mixing prints and colors that shouldn't go together. And no...Utah has no snow yet. 
A creepy bathroom and thrifted Ralph Lauren sweater. 
The sweater from yesterdays post and thrifted Minnetonka moccasins. Brand new!!! Total 70's vibes.
 Seriously cool circa 1970's plaid coat...Thrifted.
Thrifted and brand new Birkenstocks. Thrifted and vintage vest. And this bag that I'm obsessed with from Fount Leather Goods. I don't mind investing in quality items that will last. I thrift quality and I invest in quality. 
 I wore this today and had three people compliment it! One was brave enough to ask where I got it. Thrifted. And it's a vintage Irish wool sweater. So good.
I thrifted these Bass duck boots last year for $5. Have come in handy a bit...Just a bit since we haven't had much snow this year.... eeeek.
I didn't end up getting this one...But it's so cool yes?? Should I have gotten it? Circa 1970's genuine leather jacket. 
You've seen this coat in this post and this post. Thrifted in Idaho. It's vintage and I paid $12 for it. Score.One of my favorites.
Another one I really loved but didn't get. It's still at Maeberry Vintage if you want to go snag it!!
This is one that I couldn't pass up at Maeberry Vintage. It has leather elbow patches!!! Heart eyes. 
Also...I get SOOOOO many questions about how I create these curls... So I'm preparing a tutorial coming soon. 
Friday morning I had the opportunity to glam up and do a photo shoot for Provo Fashion Week. We did a holiday shoot I will get to share next week and I can't wait. We got to wear dresses created by local designers and they were lovely. There were a few girls there I have followed forever but never met. Some I didn't know... And also was able to get re-aquanted with this lovely...Nikki. I'm so glad I agreed to do it. I know I need to get out of my comfort zone a little more. hehe.

That's it for this week. I sure love thrifting and love sharing it here. 

I would love some suggestions, requests, or questions about future posts. As I said...I will be doing a post very soon about my curls that I get questioned a lot about. If there is anything anyone else would like to see on my little platform here I am all ears. Thanks for following along!



  1. that sounds so fun! i went to provo fashion week this past fall and love bree lena's designs, so GORG!

    xo, k

    1. How fun! I will probably be going next year...Should be a fun experience.

  2. I thought I could get over that Ralph Lauren sweater but nope. I guess I could slip it under the tree with a tag that reads, "To: me, From: me". :)

    1. I just checked Instagram and it's gone! That's what I get for hemming and hawing. :*( Next time I'll buy now, think later! Ha!

  3. that ralph lauren sweater is amazing!

    xx nikki

  4. I would love to know all the places that you go thifting! Maybe you could make a post about that?


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