Mixing the Old with the New

The girls from Maeberry Vintage described my style as "mixing the old with the new" and I don't think they could have been more on point! I love vintage. I love it! I love its one of a kind uniqueness. I like that it gives my looks that step outside of the norm. I do also of course love classic styles of today. Mixing them together I feel is what gives me my own unique style. 
Vintage stores like Maeberry are so fun to visit because they have hand picked vintage gems you literally feel like you're shopping in the past. I visited their store at Unhinged in Sugarhouse recently and came away with treasures like this amazing circa 1970's sweater. It even has the cutest little zipper in the back. I just love everything about it.
I've fallen in love with Maeberry Vintage and told the owner Rachael to let me know when they get new items in. I'm that person yes. Seriously...such a fun store. If you're in the Salt Lake area you need to stop in and sift through their treasures.  I have been thinking about a poncho that I left there...Yeah...I think I'll just go back for it. hehe.

I'm gonna make it super easy for you...Here's their address. It's in the upstairs section of the store Unhinged:
2165 S. 11th E. Salt Lake City, Utah 
You can also check out their etsy shop HERE.

Outfit details:
Maeberry Vintage sweater, JCrew denim, Madewell boots, vintage coat.


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    1. Isn't it so fun? Thank you thank you!!

  2. Yep. I love your style and always have.

  3. Hey Bunn,You are just a beautiful woman......inside and out!

  4. I love this look!!! :)


  5. that jacket is gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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