A Few Natural Skin Care Product Recommendation

It has been three months since my last review with Mad Hippie skin care. Want to know the best thing about it? I just this week needed to replenish just my cream cleanser. It has lasted me over three months. (When I did my first review, I had been using the products for two weeks already.) Mad Hippie has only gotten better for me. My skin LOVES it. I haven't had one bit of dry skin (I have really dry skin ALWAYS) and my blemishes have been minimal. 
I originally started using the Vitamin A Serum, which I really liked...but then switched to the Exfoliating Serum and I wouldn't use anything else now. I have blemish prone skin and I feel it really helps with that. I can literally feel it working when I get a blemish. Also, when I do get one, they're really small and only last a day or so. Please, if you're looking for a great skin cleanser, go no further! This is all natural and feels so great on my skin. It is a little pricy in the initial start of it. (Around $80-$100 depending on how many products you want.) But over the time I've had it and how a little goes a long way, it is completely worth it and monthly cost is really low. I would recommend starting with the Cream Cleanser, the Exfoliating Serum, and the Face Cream. These three are my everyday "go-to" products. I have a couple of others (the face oil and the eye cream) but the first three are my must haves.

In my journey to kinda switch my skin products to all natural products I have also added a new product called Lavido into my routine. 
Their products are all organic and natural. I got some of their body wash and lotion. Obsessed. Smells amazing. I feel super clean after using. It is light and never harsh to use.  The Tea Tree soap bar is PERFECT for traveling and smells so so good. My regular routine I have been using their Patchouli and Vanilla Body wash and the Aromatic Body lotion in the same scent which I have absolutely loved. In fact, I just ran out of the lotion so I need to restock hehe.  As with Mad Hippie, Lavido products require very little to go a long way. I have been using them for two months and am only needing the lotion because I got a tester size to make sure I liked it. Otherwise the body wash isn't even close to needing replacement. I highly recommend giving them a shot!
Side note: these are all fantastic products for travel. Easy to store and no problems with leaking. I took them to Lake Powell and they traveled well.


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