Natural Skin Care by Mad Hippie

Confession time:
For the past few years I've been using a Walmart chemically filled face system. It worked amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. My skin was always clear and I rarely got any zits or pimples. I do, even at my age, have more of an acne prone skin. Here's the problem. My face bleached anything it touched. We haven't had a towel stay non-bleached ever ever ever. Bleaches my pillow cases and towels no matter what I did. I started thinking, "if this is what it does to my towels, what is it actually doing long term on my face?" I've been really conscious of my skin lately. I guess it's because this year I turn 32 and I regret the many years I didn't take care of my skin! Years of tanning beds and a ton of sun exposure. I hope I'm not too late. I'm going to do what I can to really take care of my skin from here on. Last year, I came across this line called Mad Hippie. It is 100% all natural products that are designed especially to nourish your skin and bring back its natural glow. I've been using it for two weeks. I was worried about the effect my sensitive skin would have to change but it has been a smooth transition. No crazy break outs and I can already see a noticeable difference in how my skin feels and looks!!!
 Rather than just get a couple of products and give them a shot, I wanted to get a good complete system and stick to this one brand. I clean my eye makeup off gently with an organic coconut oil (it's cheaper.... then I can dedicate Mad Hippie to just rubbing it on my skin itself and use smaller amounts of it.)  I will say, the price of Mad Hippie did worry me. To continually use it will be around $100 which is a lot compared to the $20 I was spending on my Walmart brand. Something that has set me at ease though is I use very very little product. A little goes a long way. I know and feel it is totally worth it. Especially already seeing a noticeable difference. That is saying a lot seeing as what I was using was working wonders already for me.
The first product I got is the Cream Cleanser. It runs for $16. I use literally a pea size amount. They suggest you rub it on your face for around 20 seconds. I've done so diligently. It is smooth and makes my skin feel completely clean and hydrated. I don't feel dry after using it at all!
After the cream cleanser, they suggest you use a serum. There are a couple of options but I decided to go with the Vitamin C serum. It is more of a splurge at $34 but just like the cream cleanser, I drop a peas size amount and it more than covers my whole face AND neck. I've been especially focusing this serum on my wrinkled areas, which is why I chose this one because it has ingredients that help plump up the skin and help reduce wrinkles. Best of all, this doesn't sting at all when applied. They do sell Mad Hippie at a few stores. Luckily I found this easy at Natural Grocers but I wouldn't mind ordering it online too.
Lastly, I of course needed a face cream. This one runs at $26. It's light and refreshing and a little goes a long way just as all the other products have proven. This one is packed with Peptides and actives and it has a really nice subtle smell. 
 These products are bonus's to what I already use. To be honest, I want to try all their products eventually. I've seriously loved them. 

The first is this eye cream. It helps with bags and crows feet. It has ingredients like chamomile and vitamin C. It's $25.
Out of the two I think this Facial Oil is a must have. I use a tiny drop at night just on my troubled dry areas and it does wonders! It's $25. If you want to just try one of their products, try this one. It's amazing.

I want to continue to share my progress with Mad Hippie and as I add other products in, I will let you know how I like them. Overall, this has been the best thing to happen to my face in a long time. I would highly recommend it.



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