Perfect Three Day California Getaway: Day Three

The last and final day! 

(See day one HERE and day two HERE.)

We woke up at the Fernwood Resort to beautiful views. Did I mention the smell??? So fragrant of pine and dew. Sooooo amazing.
We were sad to have to leave. We slept in and just enjoyed our surroundings. We had to get on the road for about a five and a half hour drive back to LA to catch our plane. We stopped along the way to take photos and drink in the area as best we could. We actually had to stop for about 15 minutes because a movie was being filmed! We don't know which one but we heard its supposed to be a British film. 
 I have to tell the story about how I got this shot. ^^ Yes, this is me sitting on the Pacific Coast Highway with the unknown around the corner. Kinda cool to say I have done that hehe. This was when we had to stop for the movie being filmed. I had this idea to get this photo but we had to walk to the end of the long car line. Thinking we had plenty of time, we did so...Then we see the front of the car line start moving. We booked it running. So embarrassing. We held people up only a little but it was a great story and we laughed for a while after.
We went back through San Louis Obispo one more time and stopped at the Firestone Grill. Super super good food!
Our trip went by way too fast but it was just what we needed to be rejuvenated during our winter. I love this man so much and I'm grateful for every moment and adventure I get with him. 

If you have any questions about our trip, feel free to message me. 


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