Perfect Three Day California Getaway: Day Two

Day two of our fun California adventures continued. (If you missed day one, go HERE.)

We woke up in Pismo Beach at our hotel and enjoyed a yummy continental breakfast. We then walked down from the hotel to the beach. It was sunny off and on but a gorgeous morning.
We got checked out of our hotel and drove down a bit to the a sandier beach.
 ahahaha ^^^ such a goof.
After Pismo, we went back to San Louis Obispo to go on a hike! We hiked Bishops Peak. We ended up doing around 6 miles because we went the round about way but it can be around 4 miles round trip. So beautiful and such a pretty view of the area when you get to the top. If you have a dog, this is a very dog friendly area. We were wishing Huck was with us. Lots of friendly people and the weather was perfection.
We got a small feel for Ireland I felt. They've had a ton of rain this winter and everything was just lush and green! After our hike, we headed into town and ate at the Lincoln Market. Highly recommend! The perfect after hike meal. I created my own sandwich and it was so yummy! I told Alan it was dangerous cuz I was going to crave a sandwich that I can't get to often haha.
After lunch, we headed for Big Sur where we were going to stay for the evening. My friend Karla set us up with a night at a camp sight called Fernwood Resort. (Thanks Karla and Nicole!) We had to go the round about way because of the road closures on the Pacific Coast Highway but it was still a gorgeous drive. We got there in the evening after dark, checked in, and decided to have dinner. We went to the restaurant there at the Fernwood. We had to wait about an hour and a half to get in. The food was OK and the service was terrible. (maybe it was just a bad night though...Hard to know just from one time visiting.)  But if you decided to stay here, it's very fun but I would recommend finding dinner elsewhere.
Glamping at its finest. We had our own amazing tent with a comfy bed and shared a bathroom with two other tents. They had two nice bathrooms with showers and we never had a problem getting into them. Outside our tent we had a fireplace, seats, and a picnic table.

To be continued....

Find the last day HERE.

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