Black Hearts, Vintage Shoes, Ripped Knees, and This Scarf

Madewell sweatshirt, vintage shoes, Joes jeans, and Just Dawnelle scarf.

I brought out my scarf bin this week and found this beauty tucked away. It was ready to come out of hibernation. I love a scarf that can come back year after year. Here is how I wore it last year:
She is doing a 20% off sale this weekend (use code "yourock20" at checkout) and her scarves are selling fast so go visit her etsy shop!
I must give a nice big shout out to my oldest nephew Preston!! Today is his 15th birthday.
 It's a big one for him. He's old enough to have his drivers license! How is this possible?? It was just yesterday I was first getting my drivers license. How does time go by so quickly?! I was just a little younger than him when he was born. He was born pre-mature and we all called him "Peanut". I remember his tiny little body barely covered half of my lap. Now he's surpassed me in height. I sure love him so much. More than I could ever describe in words.
 Happy Birthday Preston!! Love you!



  1. you're adorable! and i love your jeans :) happy birthday to your nephew!

    xoxo, kiely

  2. i love that sweatshirt!

    xx nikki


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