Live the Little Things//October 5

It has been too long since I've shared some photos from the #livethelittlethings hashtag on instagram. I explained about this HERE to give you an idea of what this is. 

Not only is it my birthday month but we are coming up on the one year mark since my friend Meg and I started the hashtag project! Crazy to see how far it has come! There are now almost 40,000 photos shared. So inspiring to see how others have taken the challenge to slow down and notice the little things in their lives. Be grateful for every moment. Even the small moments we often overlook.
 ^^This photo I snapped on my run last night. A live the little things moment of my own. It was the most beautiful night and the colors of Fall are killing it here in Salt Lake. Oh..And I ran 8 miles!! I felt so good. Getting ready for my race in 2 weeks. So excited. 
^^These are the four photos I shared on my instagram feed. Each makes me want to be even better! Be grateful for Octobers, notice the views I have all around me, take my time enjoying my mornings, and never never never giving up.
^^If you need me, this is where I will be all day. Listening to inspiring words from inspirational people. I love Conference weekend.


PS I did a guest post on my friend Gentri's blog today talking about thrifting and my personal style. I addressed a few frequently asked questions that I get so make sure you go check it out! Have a wonderful and beautiful Sunday friends.


  1. Such an inspiration to stumble upon your blog post. I love this! I didn't know about hashtag project until now and I can't wait to go browse Insta to see all the goodness. Thanks for sharing!

    October is one of my favorite months! Happy Birthday! It's my birthday month as well. :)

    Steph - Signing Steph

  2. This is such a fun project that you created! I've never seen it but now I'm excited to look over some good content. Hope you enjoyed conference.


  3. love all of these!!



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