Live the Little Things//April 13

I just love how much the #livethelittlethings project has grown on instagram. 

If hearing about it is new to you, I explained it better in this post here.

With the weather warming up, the buds on the trees popping up everywhere, the sun shining, and even a few comfortable rainy days....It is especially easy for me to slow down and look around at all the little blessings that surround me.

I captured the sweetest photo of my grandparents (who have been married 65 years) a couple weeks ago as my grandfather lovingly led my grandma into their home...One in which they will no longer go into but only because they knew they needed to stay together rather than be split up. My grandma has dementia, doesn't remember any of us, often doesn't remember my grandpa and now requires full care in her every moment...Grandpa has done a wonderful job thus far and it's because he loves her so much. They have the most special kind of long lasting love that everyone dreams about. He still refers to her as his "sweetheart" and his "eternal companion".... A love that is long lasting and forever whatever their circumstances are. Even though my grandmas memory is few and far between, I will see her reach for my grandpa often...pat his hand as they sit together, call his name when he leaves a room...Oh my goodness, it warms my heart to bits.


Here are a few photos shared this week on instagram using the hashtag #livethelittlethings:

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I feature 4 photos on my feed @runstylerun and here are the ones I chose:


I chose these photos because it only takes a moment to stop for a sec and recognize the beauty outside around you....


Look for these moments in your life. Don't be so stressed or caught up in your worries, that you miss out on the little things around you whether it's people in your life or the especially blue skies above your head. Or even on a day you're stuck inside...and you feel like you have nothing to look forward to, grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you're grateful for in your life. 

If you have instagram, join us by hashtagging #livethelittlethings on instagram. I post photos every 2 weeks on my feed and the weeks that I don't, I have a guest judge. If being a guest judge is something that might interest you, email me! runstylerun@gmail.com. It's just for fun and gives just a little more of a nudge of inspiration in our day to day lives. If you don't have instagram, I would love to see your photos or blog posts on the idea.

Heres to the start of a new week. May it be full of handfuls of goodness!!



  1. Oh that photo of your grandparents is just the sweetest. And all those spring beauties. Loving the many colors of the transition of the season.

  2. Lovely photos and project. Thanks for including my photo. (@jackstrawlane)

  3. love these photos! such a fun + inspiring little project!




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