If you follow my instagram (@runstylerun) you'll know that a few weeks ago I started doing green smoothies every morning. I am a sucker for fruit but when it comes to greens....I know I don't get enough. I love green smoothies because you can chuck them full of all sorts of greens and drink away. 

Today's smoothie:

7 baby carrots
1 banana
2 peaches
1 tsp of flax seed
1 stem of kale
2 cups spinach
1/4 cup parsley
1 head of broccoli 

This makes enough for 2 smoothies. I prefer mine without ice, but you can easily add 1-2 cups of ice depending on the consistency you like.

I like to get as many dark greens as I can into my smoothies... and a little fruit for more desirable flavor... 



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  1. green smoothies are my fave! i love spinach, banana, and strawberries!




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