Thrifty Thursday: Top Button + Vibrant Lips

On Instagram I have seen quite a few little challenges you can participate in...I know on "Photo a day" they give you a theme and then you get creative with that theme. They also have Coast to Coast challenge that is fashion relatable. I have never participated but today's challenge seemed really simple so I thought...What the heck?! 

The challenge was:
Top Button + Vibrant Lips

 These are two of my favorite lipsticks...
Red is Mac Matte "Ruby Woo"
Pink is Mac Sheen Supreme "Insanely It" (Which in person looks A LOT brighter)

Purple shirt- Urban Outfitters via DE  $10
Yellow Shirt-Thrifted (retro) $3

I really think that CtoCC  has inspired me. I never wear my shirts with the top button buttoned but I sure like the look!

 Pants-TJ Maxx $16
Jacket- Thrifted $12
Boots-Thrifted $4.50

I know this outfit is super similar to THIS post but I can't get enough of this jacket! And I don't think there is anything wrong with mixing and matching in a way I know an outfit is flattering.



  1. Top button is the way to go! And you definitely rocked it.

  2. Found you via you leaving me a comment on instagram @laviecestyeye, love these challenges, I started one yesterday, I am challenging myself to only buy second hand or hand made for 6 months :)


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