This is How We Do It

Adventures of Preston and Aunt Brandi.
We make Walmart trips look like fun...

I was your stereotypical Walmart shopper...sweats and all..

While at Walmart we grabbed a couple facemasks and poor Preston got dragged into an at home spa treatment. Let me tell you...He is a good sport!!  Face Masks and Coconut Hair treatments (as seen HERE)


If you've never did hair/face treatments with a guy before...I would highly suggest it. He was cracking me up!

As I was putting the oil in his hair he says, "I hope it doesn't turn my hair pink like Nicki Minaj."

This is him demonstrating how he dries his hair.
What a goof...
We then relaxed and watched Brave. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is so cute!

Thanksgiving pictures to come. I had the most wonderful day with my family. Oh how I'm so so thankful for them!


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