Life Lately

Life lately, according to my iphone....

McKenna and I got together Saturday morning and went to a clothing swap! It was the first one I had ever been to. I took a huge bag of clothes to donate and McKenna took a honkin box. The entry fee was to bring canned goods. So we sorted through piles of clothes and found a few fun things! We were pretty selective because of the cause but it was fun to be able to "swap". Who can complain about free clothes! 
 It was so nice to spend some time with Kenna. We had mongolian and got to catch up.

Later I met up with Ashley and McCall and we went to the beauty school and got scalp treatments. I highly recommend it!! $8 for pretty much an hour long head, neck, and shoulder massage. 

A couple new things:
I decided to try out Revlon Colorstay lipstick. Have you ever tried this stuff? I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. When they say colorstay...they mean colorstay. This stuff doesn't come off. Which I like that, but toward the end of the day it flaked a little. I did wear it today though and didn't put as much on and it seemed a lot better. So...still deciding whether I like it or not.
Isn't that arrow ring pretty cool? I bought it at Style Lately on sale for $3!! So worth those pennies..hehe

I honestly can't believe it but this little man turns 13 this week....I was only 14 when he was born! Time is going by too quickly!!

Started bright and early this morning...7 am at the voting booths, 8 am temple session, and 10am breakfast at Smitty's. Oh how I love Smitty's. The last time I had gone was when I went with Ashley HERE. Also...it was so nice to spend some time with my folks. They're the best!

I discovered a new thrift store today! Well, it's not new but I had never noticed it before! So of course I had to go check it out and I was very excited to find that it was clean, well stocked, and thrift store prices. Sometimes those consignment shops forget they're a used clothing store....know what I mean? I got a handful of jewelry pieces that were anywhere from $3 to $.50! I know...big spender. hehe.

 I will just end with my beautiful kitty named "Kitty". I took her to the groomer today to get all nice and clean. That face is about how she felt about it....But doesn't she look so purrrrrty :) 

How has your week started out so far?



  1. That lipstick looks awesome on you!


  2. That deep lipcolor looks fantastic on you! I love the idea of it staying on all day.
    Did you thrift that hat? or have it before? Very cute!


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