Summer and Sun Flowers

Summer means fresh flowers, sunshine, beautiful minimal clothing items that are breathable, roadtrips, baskets, farmers markets, hiking, watermelon, etc. I could go on and on with my summer favs. 
This summer I am especially in love with the Bouqs Company. They're an eco friendly flower company that only cuts the flowers that are ordered so there is never any waste. Sunflowers are one of my very favorite flowers. They're bright, rustic, big, and the most beautiful color. 
What is your very favorite flower? I have a challenge for you. Go find your favorite flower on their website (they have so many options so it's bound to be there!) and treat yo-self! (or your significant other!) What better than to beautify your life with a fresh bouquet. Use code XOBRANDIW for 20% off your first purchase! Just enter the code at checkout.

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