Out Camping with Goby

Taking my Gobi Electric Toothbrush on our camping trips helps me feel right more at home when we are out in the mountains.
 Here are a few things that sets Goby apart from other toothbrushes:
  • Replacement brush heads delivered to your door. Goby offers monthly brush head subscriptions to ensure you’re changing out those exhausted bristles for brand new ones. The Goby brush even has an indicator light to let you know when you’re due!
  • No bells and whistles. Goby is styled simply with modernity in mind. Its handle is designed for comfort with only one button, has two modes to choose from and features an easy-to-clean base. It even has a built-in two-minute timer to ensure you’re brushing as long as dentists recommend.
  • Soft, end-rounded, rotationally oscillating bristles. Studies have shown that this type of bristle and bristle movement provides the most effective and thorough clean. It is also extra gentle on your gums, preventing recession and other problems our dentists warn us about.
  • No cords to clutter your counter. Goby only needs to be charged twice a month and does so using the provided USB cable and adaptor. When it’s finished charging simply unplug the dock and put away for later.
I really love the sleek, all black look of the toothbrush too. Esthetics are very important when it comes to toothbrushes hehe. 

I'm off to camp for the week. See you in August!!


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