Idaho, Montana, Then Back to Idaho

Alan's sister Kristin is off to medical school in a few weeks so we were so excited when she wanted to go on a little adventure with us. We kinda let the road take us wherever. We camped our first night at Fritz Creek in Idaho then crossed the boarder into Montana. Beautiful Montana. We went to church there and were invited to stay in Alan's moms cousin Seth's ranch in Jackson, Montana. It was heaven. Pure heaven. We enjoyed a Montana sunset, made a fire and enjoyed our short time there.
 This was the ranch house.
That next day, we headed back into Idaho to Salmon. My little sister had shared a hike that has natural hot springs at the top and ever since I really wanted to go to it!! The day was super hot. 95 degrees so the hike up wasn't easy. My legs were jello. But the top was so beautiful and the springs were amazing!!
 I thought this would be the perfect place for me to try out my new Kortni Jeane swimsuit. The top is my favorite. I love how unique and comfy it is!
Huck even enjoyed the springs. He loves water though. Of any kind.
At the bottom of the hike, Alan's parents met up with us to spend the evening and the 4th of July together! We found a lovely camp spot right by the Salmon River and enjoyed an evening of food, fishing, and relaxation. We needed it after that hot hike that day.
 This is how Kristin asks Traci (my mother-in-law) if there is anything in her teeth. haha
 The next day, we packed up camp and headed to Craters of the Moon! 
Alan, Huck, and I got home in time to go to fireworks if we wanted....but we were pretty tired. We got cleaned up and ended up setting up our hammock in the backyard enjoying the neighborhood fireworks. It was a different 4th of July than usual but one I'll never forget.


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