The Essential Leather Jacket from DSTLD

I have been on the search for the perfect black leather jacket this year and finally found it. I wear a leather jacket any time, any place. This one from DSTLD is an all-season style that I will no doubt wear over and over and over. Even better, the leather is absolutely so comfortable and soft. I know it will only get better with time. DSTLD wanted to create the staple jacket that every girl needs in their closet, and in my opinion, have succeeded. They have several options to get the exact one for you too. I opted for the all black hardware to have a sleek look to go with everything. 
I LOVE IT!! I highly recommend you go check their selection out. It's an amazing price for a leather jacket too. As a company, they strive to create the perfect essential items (tees, denim, leather, etc.) at the best price for you. Go see HERE. Look at their tees? $23 for a great basic. 
I am really trying this year to be cognizant of where I am spending my money and filling my closet with sustainable items. This jacket included. Seeing as I'm a small business owner, I am striving to also support other small businesses. I love these shoes from JoJo and Suse and am telling all my friends they need a pair too. They're genuine leather and the perfect, easy, throw on flat. The company is owned by two friends that want to give you that ONE pair of shoes you need that will last you forever. Quality over quantity. I've always tried to live by that too!
 Happy shopping! 


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