I was recently introduced to this small company called R.Riveter and have to tell you about it. The company was started by two military spouses who met and shared the frustrations of how difficult it was to maintain a good, flexible income with moving around so much. So with a sewing machine in a small attic came R.Riveter. They wanted to create a genuine American made product. So each of their bags are hand made by a military spouse!! They have just 30 local employees and 27 remote workers on their team. A small company with a beautiful purpose. Not to mention their bags are amazing quality. I can certainly look at this gem proudly and see the love that went into it!! Read more about them HERE.
FYI: You can use code "runstylerun" now through June 30, 2017 for 10% off any of their signature collection bags!! My bag is called the Otto. It has several pockets which makes it the perfect everyday bag. Highly highly recommend. Go give them some love!


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